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The Sideswiped Series

They made it through the rigors of college and now are finding their way in the world. Follow five friends as their lives are turned upside down by the men that crash their well laid plans. An orphaned investment counselor, a misunderstood stock analyst, an all-American medical student, a playboy attorney, an intentional soccer star, and a mouthy little brother all find their happily ever after with the feisty women of Ft. Worth.

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Isabela is on the path to reaching her career goals ahead of schedule. No distractions. That's before she agrees to let her friends decide on what to do for her birthday. Now she finds herself staring at the birthday present she never counted on. The one her well-meaning friends bought her at a charity auction. It's a birthday present she knows will only cause problems but who can resist tall, dark and handsome?

Grayson is a rising star in the financial world. A world that is ruled by control and intellect. When he is recruited by a client as a bachelor in a charity auction, he assumes he will only have to spend one evening with an insipid rich woman. He never counted on the sultry, driven beauty he's been bought for by a mutual friend. People in your life just cause distractions, but can he let this one go, even when he has to give up his control to keep her?

Lily Rhett has everything, a great family, her dream job, loving friends. She's always been the take charge, jump in with both feet person everyone relies on the fight the good fight. It's exhausting. Just once she craves to give someone else the responsibility of make the decisions. She would happily give up control for just a little while to get some peace. But she's accepted that it won't come from anyone she knows. It definitely won't be the tall, quiet number cruncher from her friends office. He couldn't be the one, right?

Matthew Gibson likes his sex rough and his woman compliant. Underneath his quiet, nerdy exterior is a man who like to push the envelope. So what is it about the explosive blond has him intrigued from the moment he meets her? She is commanding, competitive and sexier than anyone he's ever met. The more she challenges him, the more he wants her. Can he teach her that with submission comes power? Does she know he it the man to show her she can be both sides of the coin? Or does he throw way everything he thought he needed for the one thing he doesn't want to live without?

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The universe is definitely trying to tell me something. It's saying that tall, dark, handsome Marcus Johnson is not the man for me. But if that's true, why does fate keep throwing us together? For four years now, he has appeared and just as quickly disappeared from my life. No one can say that I don't have my life together. I know exactly where my life is going and I don't need some wishy-washy man slowing me down. Even if he has the most knee-weakening deep brown eyes or a voice that sends shivers down my spine every time he speaks. Oh and did I mention he's going to be a doctor?

I was raised to be a good man, respect my elders, respect women, work hard, study even harder. It's how I've lived my life so far. Up until the fateful basketball game when she bounced on to the court with her short skirt and pom-poms. Suddenly all I can think about is being bad, very bad. I have all of the moves too, well on the basketball court anyway. Because when it comes to the cheerleader of my fantasies, Dia Price, I'm a complete disaster. I can't seem to stop messing everything up when I'm with her, I just hope I can fix it before it's too late.

Maggie Emerson has known Colin Rhett since meeting him in her friend's swimming pool her freshman year of college. Everyone knows the playboy with the movie star looks. They also know he goes through women with barely a second thought. So what does she do when he appeals to the literature teacher in her? She gives him a book, of course. What about when he doesn't stop at one? Maybe the Colin everyone thinks they know is really much deeper than anybody gives him credit for. If she looks, really looks at him, will she find the man of her dreams or that same playboy she thought he always was?

Colin is a successful attorney with a different woman every week, but what he really wants is the one woman he can't have. All he has wanted since that fateful day in the swimming pool six years is to be her hero, but there was always a reason holding him back. Will this finally be his chance to prove to her that he can be the man she needs? If he has to read every damn book in the bookstore, he's going to fight this time for that right.

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The text just said to do something crazy. I don't think that included having sex with a complete stranger half an hour after meeting him. I am a complete idiot! Not only did I have sex with a random guy, he wasn't a stranger. He's a world renowned soccer player that I should have recognized the instant I saw him. The problem is, he's amazing. He's sexy, athletic, funny and that accent. Holy cow! I should leave him alone, but how can I not crave him with every bone of my being?

Claire Lloyd is the most amazing woman I've ever met. I don't believe in love at first sight. Well, I didn't until I saw Claire walking across campus. I really should be ashamed of what I did. I introduced myself as Alex, not the famous Xander Ross she might have recognized. I thought maybe if I had her once, I'd be able to let her go. But it's Claire. No man in his right mind could let her go, not I just have to convince her we're worth the effort.