The Sideswiped Series

They made it through the rigors of college and now are finding their way in the world. Follow five friends as their lives are turned upside down by the men that crash their well laid plans. An orphaned investment counselor, a misunderstood stock analyst, an all-American medical student, a playboy attorney, an international soccer star and a mouthy little brother all find their happily ever after with the feisty women of Fort Worth.

The Inhuman Protector Series

A small group of individuals with extraordinary powers race to protect the innocent. Living their lives quietly, they go about their days in relative peace. Until each must risk losing everything to save the life of another. And when that life happens to be the one person that shakes up their world in other ways? The reward might just be worth the risk.

A New England Romance

Karlie is a star volleyball player at a small college in New England. Moving into the last available apartment on campus, she has high hopes until she finds its state less than stellar. Deciding to make the best out of a sketchy situation, she soldiers on. Until she locks herself out the first night. No one else has moved in, so she’s left with only one option. Call the university police to help.

Max is just settling into his new, temporary assignment as a police officer on one of the many college campuses in town. Heading home after patrolling the first day of move-in by the fall athletes, he agrees to take one last call. Little does he know what awaits him on the other side of the line. He just has to survive flaming appliances, nipple rings, rabid squirrels, and a basement dwelling chupacabra to win the girl of his dreams.

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